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At Master Badminton, we provide high quality stringing for our customers (Yonex PT8 Deluxe stringing machine). Yonex’s high-performance PT8 Deluxe stringing machine is specially made to meet the demands of the world-class Yonex Stringing Team.

You may choose to provide your own strings or the strings that Master Badminton provides. All strings purchased from us INCLUDES a free stringing service.


If you bring your own strings, our stringing service is CAD $15.00 per racquet

Please note you bring your own strings at your own risk, we do not take responsibility for the quality of your strings.

  • For express services, add CAD $10.00 more per racquet, the racquet will be strung within 24 hours. Please note express services are subject to workload.


Grommet replacements may be recommended at a cost of CAD $2.00 to $7.00 per racquet. CAD $3.00 For Grip replacement  


Disclaimer: If requesting tensions above the recommendation from manufacturers can result in damage to your racket. We will not take responsibility for damage under the following conditions.

  • The racket is old and/or has visible damage

  • The request is for tension higher than recommended

  • The racket is fake

  • Anything is alarming about the racket.



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